5 Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

Summer is finally here, and you’re all set for a trip with the clan. Everything is good to go. The only thing you have to do is lock up and hit the road.

According to statistics published by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 34 percent of criminals use the front door to break-in.  According to the same report, 81 percent criminals enter through the first floor, and 22 percent through the back door.

While your neighborhood may be safe, that doesn’t rule out the chances of a home invasion. Most homeowners make the mistake of locking their doors and hiding the spare key under the front door mat.

Modern-day criminals are getting smarter and have honed their skills over time. But that does not mean it’s impossible to protect your home. But with a few simple steps, it’s possible to reduce chances of your home being infiltrated. Here’s what you can do:

Ask Someone to Keep an Eye on Things 

This person should be someone you absolutely trust. Request that they stop by to check up. This will alert anyone keeping an eye on your home, and deter them from making a move.

Take Spare Keys with You

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is placing their spare key under the front door mat. If you’re going on vacation, make sure to take spare keys with you.
If you can’t, hide them in a place that isn’t obvious, or give them to someone you trust.

Lock Your Garage Door

If your home has an automatic garage, rather than a manual one, it’s already secure. Automatic doors are difficult for criminals to access.

However, there’s a trick where the criminal takes a coat hanger, messes around the top of the door, and presses the emergency unlock button. Of course, this doesn’t work for every garage door but you don’t want to take any risks. Instead, install a deadbolt side-lock system.

Stash Valuables in the Safe

To make sure your valuables are safe, stash them in the safe. Anything valuable should be kept out of the house when you’re in vacation. This way, you’ll have some peace of mind while on holiday with your family. And in case a thief does break in, you won’t have to worry about him taking anything valuable.

Install Surveillance Cameras  

Installing CCTV cameras in your home is one of the best ways to secure your home. When criminals see CCTV cameras, they automatically stay away from your home. You can install several cameras, especially inside your front door. This will help with legal evidence of a robbery (in case it takes place) and you’ll be able to quickly identify the thief.

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