Burglary Protection—Protect Your Home From A Break-In

Annual property crimes are a staggering 777,739 in Texas, with 1 of every 243 people at risk of being a victim.

This begs the question, what have you done to protect your home? It is funny how burglary is one of the most easily preventable crimes and yet is one of the most of common.

It is much cheaper to install burglary protection in your house and get discounts on insurance premiums, than getting your house ransacked and chasing after insurance agents.
Here are some of the burglary protection measures you can take for your home:

Don’t advertise an empty house

This might seem like common sense, but is well worth pointing out. You should not turn off all the lights of the house when leaving. Better yet have automated lights installed, and time them to turn off and on after a few hours. This gives the feeling that someone is actually in the house.

Do not leave notes on the doors, as it is only an invitation to break-in. Have your calls forwarded, as unattended phone calls are a tip for burglars.

If you are going on vacation, do not stop your newspaper delivery and mail, but ask your neighbor to collect it for you.

Make it tough to break-in

Have deadbolts installed on your doors, and always make sure that the doors and windows are locked when leaving the house. Don’t assume anything, and consult a good locksmith to ensure that all the locks on your home and windows are functioning properly.
Cut off any tree limbs that you think can give an easy access to your second-story. Also make sure that there are no easy places to hide for a burglar, like bushes and shrubs.

Home Security Systems

When it comes to home security systems there are a number of options available:
Camera Surveillance: this is the best way to catch a burglar and have all your items recovered. Nowadays, you can also do surveillance with your smartphone. You can keep checking your house regularly and alert the police at the first sign of trouble.

Motion Sensors: motion sensing security lights turn on when they detect motion and the sudden brightness startles the burglar. This is also an important alert system for homeowners and burglars.
Indoor Siren: indoor sirens are the best option to alert the neighbors as well as the police. They will go off as soon the door or the window is broken, making the burglar run for it. Indoor sirens can also be installed for detecting fires.

Contact Texas Security and Surveillance now, if you reside in Austin, and get an appropriate security system installed in your home. Whether you want a whole central security system or just a security camera, they will have you covered. Get a free quote now by calling (855) 693-4003. There is really no reason to wait. 


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